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August 2020 Newsletter

Where Are Funerals When You Need Them?

Funerals in the time of COVID Part 2

If you are like most of us, you are tired of talking about the pandemic, tired of staying home, and tired of worrying about whether you or a loved one has the virus. Unfortunately, for those who have lost someone during the pandemic to COVID or other cause, there is yet another concern — how to say goodbye and navigate their grief amid all the restrictions on funerals.

Since ancient times, a key step in starting the journey through grief has been the funeral. But that was then and this is now. As it stands right now, we can’t hold a traditional funeral, and our options for celebrating the life of someone who is deceased are limited. Of course, we can (and should) memorialize our loved ones even if we can’t have a funeral, but for many people, not being able to honor their dead with their very personal cultural and religious funeral traditions has made handling our grief much more complicated.

We look closer at this topic in our recent Forums article, Funerals in the Time of COVID Part 1: Where are Funerals When You Need Them. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it. We would love to hear your comments, stories, and reflections on the topic.

If you are grieving or know someone who is, we have resources on our website that may help. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we encourage you to reach out for help. Visit our Path to Healing page.


Whether you are starting to plan for a death that is imminent or you are thinking about how you will celebrate the life of a loved one once COVID regulations are relaxed, a funeral celebrant can help you plan the perfect Celebration of Life.

Funeral Celebrants are professionals who have received specialized training to help them work with families to design personalized funerals and memorial services. Celebrants offer a range of services and most are equipped to work remotely.

>>Learn more about Funeral Celebrants


These days, many of us are tackling chores we’ve meant to do for a long time. One of the most popular is decluttering.

Hard as it may be to believe, decluttering can be a positive experience.

The trouble is, clearing and organizing years of “stuff” can be overwhelming. We can help. Our article on “Getting Your House in Order” is packed with tips on how you can approach the job in a way that works for you.

>>Read “Getting Your House in Order”


Without a doubt, the most frequent questions we get are about how to pay for a funeral. That’s not really a big surprise when you consider how much it costs these days to cover end-of-life expenses. We have many resources to help you understand what a funeral costs and how to keep it from breaking the bank.

In addition, we have partnered with two leading companies who provide alternative funeral financing: LendingUSA and Fund the Funeral. We have more information on these resources below. We also have a network of funeral insurance advisors to ensure that you have access to trustworthy funeral insurance. Click here to learn more about your funeral insurance options.

We continually look for ways to offer the Funeralwise community with complete and accurate information on costs and how to pay for funeral, burial, and end-of-life expenses. We hope that this information is helpful to you.


LendingUSA provides a unique financing solution for funerals by offering low payment funeral loans from $1,000 to $35,000.

By teaming with LendingUSA, we hope to give the people who turn to us for help an additional payment option when they are planning for end-of-life.

Of course, funeral loans aren’t for everyone and you should ALWAYS read the fine print, but we think LendingUSA is a great option if a funeral loan is right for you.

>>Learn more about funeral loans.


Using crowdfunding to pay for funeral expenses has become an extremely popular option.The trouble is, it’s hard to know which funding platform to use. You want to do it the right way but you also don’t want all the donations eaten up by fees.

To help you sift through your options, we have partnered with Fund The Funeral, a crowdfunding platform just for funerals. Fund the Funeral is dedicated to offering a fraud-free experience for both the consumer and the funeral home.

>>Learn more about Crowdfunding.


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