Do I need the Wise Planning System if I have a prepaid funeral plan?

Wise Planning System or Prepaid Funeral Plan

Question: Why do I need the Funeralwise Wise Planning System if I already have a prepaid plan through a funeral home.

Answer: The Wise Planning System is a powerful tool that offers things your prepaid plan doesn’t — like ceremony planning, checklists, storing personal and genealogical information, and more.

When you buy a prepaid plan from a funeral home or cremation provider, you enter into a contract to purchase a set of products and services to be used at the end of your life. You pay for the plan either in full or over a specified period of time. Precisely what your contact includes depends on the plan you buy and the provider you are working with.

In general, a prepaid funeral plan includes services related to burial (not necessarily a plot) or cremation. Most plans will include a casket or urn, a ceremony, a headstone, and miscellaneous costs associated with the ceremony.

Prepaid funeral plans work well for many people. Since the plan is purchased from a specific funeral home, you know exactly what you are getting and the cost. Best of all, you get the peace of mind of knowing that your loved ones won’t have to make a lot of hard decisions at a very emotional time. The trouble is, there’s a lot more to planning a funeral than just buying the casket or urn. That’s where the Wise Planning System comes in.

Where the Wise Planning System Fits In

Planning a funeral or memorial service is much like planning any celebration for a milestone life event. Having a prepaid funeral plan ensures you have the venue, you’ll still need to fill in the blanks. For a funeral, that means there are decisions to make about who will officiate, what music will be played, what readings will be provided, and all the other details that go into creating a meaningful end-of-life ceremony.

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Practical Real-World Help Taking Care of Funeral Planning Details

The Wise Planning System is a do-it-yourself tool that guides you every step of the way as you lay out the details for a funeral or memorial service. Because the planner is online, you can do your planning at a time when it’s convenient for you–24/7.

With the Wise Planning System, you can designate a “Plan Guardian.” A Plan Guardian is a person you trust to make sure your wishes are carried out the way you want them to be. You share your plan with them, and they’ll be able to see exactly how you’d like your ceremony conducted. When the time comes, your Guardian “activates” your plan. This gives them access to features such as checklists to walk them through exactly what they need to do.

The Funeralwise planner lets you plan with as much or as little detail as you like. You can store personal information to help your loved ones prepare your eulogy, write your obituary, or capture information for the family tree. The Wise Planning System’s beauty is that its flexibility means you can use it to fill whatever funeral planning needs you have. So if you already have a prepaid funeral plan, the planner is the perfect complement to it.

Don’t have a funeral home plan yet but thinking of buying one?

You certainly don’t need to have a prepaid funeral plan to take advantage of the Wise Planning System. However, if you are considering purchasing a plan, our planner can help. The Wise Planning System includes a vibrant funeral and cremation provider search directory in addition to its other features. The directory can help you find providers in your area so that you can shop for the right plan for you.

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