Funeral Customs by Religion, Ethnicity and Culture

Funeral CustomsHere you can learn what to expect when attending the funeral services of a different religion or culture. Information includes an overview of each group’s beliefs concerning death and the afterlife. How they regard grief and unique aspects of their funeral ceremonies and customs are also discussed.

We regularly add new information about the many diverse funeral customs in the world. It is important to note that while you may not agree with a particular view or practice, you should still be respectful to any family who has lost a loved one and support them in their time of grief.

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Green Funerals & Burials

From harnessing the power of natural energy to finding new ways to power homes and cars, it’s safe to say that “going green” is no longer just a trend. People are genuinely concerned about preserving and protecting the earth for future generations. Naturally, they are looking for more ways to stay green, and are finding it is possible to stay green to the very end.

There is much that can be done to make a funeral green, even considering the many laws and regulations regarding burial. Green burials are feasible and gaining in popularity for several reasons:

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Firefighter Funeral Customs

It is fitting and right that firefighters, who put their lives at risk daily for the public, should be given the proper respect upon their passing. A large part of this respect includes fire department traditions, which play an important role in honoring firefighters who have passed. Full military-style honors are accorded to those heroes who die in the line of duty.

Our purpose is to present an overview of fire department funeral service traditions. It isn’t necessary for us to re-create the detailed guides and procedural manuals for firefighter funerals that are available.

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