Memorializing Your Pet

Holding on to Your Memories

It has been said that the worst thing about having pets is that they don’t live long enough. If you have lost a pet then you will certainly agree. Unfortunately, the chances are pretty good that if you have pets then at some point you will have to say goodbye to that trusted friend. Memorializing your pet gives you the chance to honor your furry friend while capturing the memories you shared together.

The grief we feel over the loss of our pets is not unlike that we suffer when we lose a person that we are close to. That means that we will go through the same stages of grief. Many experts believe that focusing on positive memories and creating a tribute can help us work through what we are feeling. This is good news since it means that just because our pet is no longer with us, the memories we share are.

There are many wonderful ways to memorialize our pets. For some of us, words help. In those cases, we will wright or read something special to our pet. For others, more visual representations are more appropriate. The point is, there is no right or wrong way to create a memorial to your pet, only the way that works best for you and your family.

Ideas for Memorializing Your Pet

Have a Pet Funeral or Memorial Service

Going through the process of organizing a funeral or memorial service can be therapeutic for your entire family. You can invite those who shared a special bond with your pet as well as people who just want to offer their support and understand the grief that you are feeling. The ceremony can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. For more information on how to organize a ceremony for your pet visit our Pet Funerals page.

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Purchase an Urn for Your Pet’s Ashes

If you have not shopped for an urn recently you will be surprised at the variety of styles and options available. From elaborate pieces of art to whimsical selections that will bring to mind your pet, there is truly something available for everyone. Visit our online store to see some of the unique selections that we offer.

Select an Appropriate Resting Place

For many people, having a special place to visit with their pet is comforting. If you are in a home and expect to be there for some time, your backyard may be the perfect resting place for your pet. If you have your pet cremated, scattering your pet’s ashes in a spot that was special to them may have appeal. If you have not yet decided how you will handle your pet’s final disposition, visit our Burial versus Cremation page for more information.

Shop for a Memorial Keepsake for your Pet

From a custom-made garden stone to a hand-blown glass orb that can brighten a window, there are many beautiful keepsake items that can bring to mind your pet. Visit our store to see the many options we have available.

Write an Obituary for Your Pet

Taking time to reflect on your pet’s journey and committing it to paper can help you capture your memories for posterity. As others who were special to your pet to share their memories as well. Once you have completed the story of your pet’s life you can post it online or include it in a book of memories.

Create a Photo Tribute or Journal for Your Pet

Whether you create a special spot in your home for photos of your pet or prepare a journal or album, compiling a photo history of your pet will create a wonderful keepsake. If you are so inclined, use the photos to create a video set to music.

Plant a Tree in Memory of Your Pet

Planting a tree or some other plant life in memory of your pet is a wonderful way to renew the environment while honoring your pet. You can choose a location that had meaning to your pet or where your pet is actually buried. We carry The Living Urn system in our memorial store. This item is a beautiful way to pay tribute to your special friend.

Make a Donation in Honor of Your Pet

Making a donation to a reputable animal welfare organization in your pet’s name will pay honor to your pet while helping others.

Commission a Portrait

There are many options when it comes to portraiture. Whether you have a photorealistic image created or something more abstract, having a one of a kind remembrance of your pet can be comforting. It is even possible to have a portrait created that includes ashes from your pet.

Try Something Extraordinary

There are many unique ways that you can incorporate cremated remains–from fireworks to creating a vinyl LP. Click here to view our slideshow of unique ideas for handling cremated remains.

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