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Summer 2023

As if planning the funeral weren’t enough, once the arrangements have been made and the service has taken place, there is still a lot to consider, especially if you are named as the estate executor.

If you are thinking about your own funeral arrangements or helping a loved one, it can be extremely helpful to family and friends to keep in mind what happens after the funeral.

Our page, After the Funeral: What You Need To Do, is packed with helpful information on the steps to take once the funeral is behind you. If you have a funeral plan with us, remember that the Complete Version has helpful to-do lists that can be accessed by you or the Plan Guardians you have designated.

If you have questions on what happens post-funeral or any other funeral-related questions, email us at

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From time to time, we work closely with companies specializing in areas related to the funeral industry and are complementary to the information and services we offer. One such company is EstateExec is designed to help everyday people with the job of the estate executor. The company offers a software program that provides automated guidance and financial accounting specifically for estate management.

To learn more about EstateExec and how it can help you with your executor duties, visit their site by clicking here.

Teraloom — Unique Memorialization Ceremonies

With the increased popularity of cremation, so too has the demand for more personalized and unique scattering ceremonies. Teraloom, a company based in Colorado, has set out to offer scattering services in the destinations of your dreams.

Teraloom offers ash scattering memorials at sea and on land. Events can be personalized with a meaningful location, date, time, officiant, flowers, and more. As part of the service, Teraloom secures all necessary permits, makes the arrangements, and takes care of logistics.

To learn more about Teraloom, click here.

What’s a Funeral Celebrant?

Funeral celebrants (or funeral officiants) are professionals who work with families to design custom personalized funerals and memorial ceremonies. The celebrant’s role is to make sure that the ceremony reflects the deceased’s personality, culture, values, and wishes.

Learn More About Working With a Funeral Celebrant

Request our Guide to Working With a Funeral Celebrant

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