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Sheep showing signs of infection are immediately isolated and, if possible, treated.

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Places of Viagra 100mg death with adjacent territories, all inventory are immediately disinfected with a 3% solution of bleach, 5% solution of hot formaldehyde or caustic soda, 5% formalin solution, 10% solution of iodine monochloride.

The preparations are applied twice with an interval of 1 hour and a subsequent exposure of 3 hours.

Healthy animals are immediately vaccinated, left in the stall, creating optimal conditions for the normal functioning of the sheep's body, excluding the occurrence of stressful situations. Feed is changed to coarse with a high content of minerals. Quarantine is removed 20 days after the last case of sildenafil or death of animals.

Bradzot of sheep is an infectious disease, accompanied by lesions of the duodenum and mucous membranes of the abomasum, followed by bleeding and hemorrhages. Turbid swelling (protein degeneration) affects the cells of such internal organs as the kidneys, heart and liver, while the animals are severely intoxicated. The disease provides the occurrence of viagra online changes in the pancreas, brain, lungs and spleen.

An autopsy is possible only in a specially equipped place in order to select pathological material for the diagnosis of the disease. Bradzot is observed mainly in adults of large sizes. As a rule, the development of this disease occurs very quickly and leads to the imminent death of the animal. The first type has increased toxicity, since when it enters the body it is able to release 4 main substances, leading to instant intoxication. The main pathogens are found in the abomasum of animals and are activated if the mucous membrane is destroyed. The main reasons for the rapid multiplication of viruses that cause the rapid death of sheep are the following factors:


The course of bradzot in sheep occurs at lightning speed, so it is not always possible to detect signs of the disease in time. During the walking of the flock, individual individuals can suddenly fall, and die within 4-8 hours, accompanied by reddening of the conjunctiva, severe convulsions and tympanitis.


Many sheep suffer from loss of appetite, gnashing of teeth, breathing accelerates to 76 contractions per minute, diarrhea with bloody discharge appears. Often there is an excessive accumulation of fluid in the breast, submandibular space and neck. Sometimes you can notice a sudden change in behavior from excessive restlessness and jerky movements to loss of energy, weakness and shortness of breath.


In most cases, sheep die within a few hours from the moment of infection, but a prolonged course of bradzot is also possible. The disease affects young animals at the age of 3-7 months.

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Also, the signs should include the following: Before death, the sheep shudders sharply, after which it falls and convulsively twitches its limbs. There are no special differences in symptoms when Chlostridium septicum and odimatiens are affected, however, in the latter case, the serous membranes have a more pronounced blue color, and the animal dies, buried in the ground.

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    Sheep bradzot has similar symptoms with such diseases as anthrax, anaerobic enterotoxemia, pasteurellosis, piroplasmosis, which makes it difficult to diagnose the disease. Anthrax is characterized by thicker black blood and an enlarged spleen. Dysentery severely affects the kidneys, while it does not affect the functioning and condition of the liver and abomasum.

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    Pasteurellosis destroys the lungs and causes sepsis (infection of the blood), and the symptomatology of viagra pills online is the presence of parasitic microorganisms in the blood plasma of sheep and an enlarged spleen.

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    The main reason for establishing the diagnosis in the laboratory is the presence of filamentous formations on the liver. After the detection of the pathogen, a course of treatment with drugs is prescribed, which should be used immediately withaccording to instructions.

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Bradzot in sheep is an infectious disease in animals that is dangerous for them in an acute form of leakage. In infected sheep, the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum becomes inflamed. This disease is expressed by intoxication of the animal's body, and also affects the brain activity, the activity of the spleen, liver, lungs and kidneys of the sheep. This disease most often affects well-fed animals. Almost 100% of cases are fatal. In this article, we will talk about how to prevent disease in the herd and what measures to take if the infection is detected.

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Bradzot was first registered in 1888 in Europe. This infection came to Russia as a result of the transportation of animals. The development of the infection is not affected by weather conditions in the area in which sick sheep live. This disease can occur in any corner of sildenafil fo ED, and is capable of infecting all available sheep in a short time, as well as causing a strong blow to the economy. Bradzot can affect not only sheep and rams, but also goats and goats. In these animals, bradzot is the most common disease. If one head is infected, the whole herd will be affected by the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures in the herd and on your farm.

Bradzot is caused by the bacteria Chlostridium septicum and Chlostridium odemanites. These are non-moving bacteria that have somewhat rounded ends. Such sticks can form long threads. On this basis, bradzot is recognized. Bacteria of these species are resistant to various temperatures, especially high ones. They can die only after an hour or two of boiling.


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