10 Tips on What NOT to Wear to a Funeral

Deciding what to wear to a traditional funeral can be tricky. You may not want to buy something new but you do want to be appropriate.

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No question, times have changed and many people are opting for a more casual approach to funeral attire. But, and this is a big but, you still need to keep the purpose of the event in mind and think conservative. If you want to go casual, think business casual, not beach casual. The people attending are not there to judge you, they are there to pay their respects to the deceased and his or her family. You still need to up your game a little bit out of respect. To avoid making a common funeral fashion faux pas, here are 10 style choices you may want to avoid.

Our best advice is to use common sense and dress as you would for a church service. Stick to dark and neutral colors and conventional styles. And if all else fails, ask your mom.

Don’t like slide shows? Here’s the full list for “What Not to Wear to a Funeral.”

Party Clothes

While it’s great to want to stand out from the crowd but a funeral is not the time for that. When choosing an outfit for a funeral let your personality doing the shining, not the sequins. You don’t have to wear black but dark or muted colors are the best choice.


It is possible that you have athletic footwear that can successfully double as street shoes and that’s fine. It’s best to skip the Chuck Taylors or Reeboks unless they are of the “dressy” variety.

Baseball Caps

Use your best judgment on the type of hat that might be appropriate for a funeral. As a rule, baseball caps, visors, tiaras, and beanies are best left at home. If you can rock a fedora, go for it.


There are better occasions to choose for those peekaboo jeans and shoulder cut out tops. Think tasteful and low key.

Flip Flops

Unless you are attending a scattering at a beach, substitute something a little less casual for your favorite flip-flops.

Ripped, Torn & Frayed

Your clothes don’t have to be fancy but they should be clean and free of rips and tears. The same goes for your shoes. Break out the needle and thread and shoe polish if you need to.

Pants on the Ground and Other Often Misunderstood Trends

We definitely don’t go for the undies on the outside look. Some people feel the same way about double polo shirts, poopy pants, and crocs. Put yourself in the other mourners’ place when selecting trendy attire. If your grandma wouldn’t like it, try something else.

Something that Doesn’t Fit With the Culture

When selecting your outfit, stick with the local customs. Cowboy attire won’t work at an urban funeral, and a Hawaiian shirt will be tacky at a winter ceremony. Use your head and ask for help making your choices if you are stuck.

Statement Fashion

You won’t be walking the runway so stick to conventional choices such as a tasteful dress, slacks or skirt blouse. For men, a shirt and tie will do the trick. You can’t go too wrong with a sport coat. Fabrics that bring to mind a fruit basket or fireworks will draw far too much attention in a crowd of black and dark gray.


It may sound far out but these days it’s not uncommon to see people out and about in their sleep clothes. We know you would NEVER try that at a funeral.



2 thoughts on “10 Tips on What NOT to Wear to a Funeral”

  1. Joy Butler

    I think it’s really important to have good etiquette at a funeral. I think that’s good to be respectful. I will have to be wise of the way I dress next time I go to the funeral.

  2. Brenda McDonald

    Yes its good to dress properly for a funeral. I recently started wearing hats and fascinators.

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