Traditional Songs for a Funeral Service

Traditional Songs for a Funeral Service

With so many choices available, turning to traditional songs for funerals can make things less stressful. These are songs that are tried and true and part of our culture. These songs might be those described as being part of the great American songbook or they may be referred to simply as “classics”. They are familiar to most of us and almost always evoke some type of memory. Traditional songs for funerals are not just popular for memorializing a loved one, they are timeless classics that have been recorded dozens of times. As such, you have many choices of versions to select. Amazing Grace, for example, has been covered dozens of times–from instrumental to chorale. The version you select is entirely up to you.

>>Creating a Celebration of Life

Be sure to look through all the lists we have provided when you are designing your service. You might be surprised by how many songs you had forgotten. And remember, there are no rules for selecting funeral music. As long as you choose music that is respectful and honors the person you are memorializing you can design the perfect soundtrack.

Amazing Grace–Many Versions Available O Danny Boy–Many Versions Available I Will Remember You –Sarah McLachalan I’ll See You Again–Frank Sinatra Moonlight Serenade–Glenn Miller My Way–Frank Sinatra Send in the Clowns–Judy Collins
Smile–Nat King Cole The Prayer–Celine Dion and Josh Groban Unforgettable–Nat King Cole We’ll Meet Again–Vera Lynn What A Wonderful World–Louis Armstrong Wind Beneath My Wings –Bette Midler
More Traditional Songs for Funerals
A Blossom Fell
Nat King Cole
Someone to Watch Over Me
Barbra Streisand
All things Bright and Beautiful
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Judy Garland
America the Beautiful
U.S. Army Field Band & Soldier’s Chorus
Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World
Isreal Kamamawiwo’ole
Sarah McLachlan
Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
Ella Fitzgerald
Autumn Leaves
Roger Williams
The Last Words You Said
Sarah Brightman
Beyond the Sea
Bobby Darin
They Can’t Take That Away from Me
Ella Fitzgerald
Beyond The Sunset (Should You Go First)
George Younce
Those Were the Days
Mary Hopkins
I’ll Be Seeing You
Glenn Miller
Till There Was You
Barbara Cook
I’ll Remember April
Frank Sinatra
Time to Say Goodbye
Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman
It Was A Very Good Year
Frank Sinatra
Times of Your Life
Paul Anka
Nature Boy
Nat King Cole
Turn Around
Paul Anka
On Eagle Wings
Michael Crawford
When the Saints Go Marching In
Louis Armstrong
September Song
Jimmy Durante

As with any other music you select, you must follow copyright law when playing traditional songs for funerals and the rules for music that is piped in may be different than for that used in a slide show or video. Most funeral homes have arrangements with the top music licensing agencies and can legally provide you with music from the above lists, but be sure to talk with your funeral director to ensure that you can legally use the songs before making your final choices.

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